Friends "On Location": London


Trascribed by: Caio
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Transcribers note: This is a short documentary that is available on  the "Best of Friends volume 2", and contains a lot changes of quick interview parts, so that's why you may notice the short lines. Each different actor, is interviewed in a different place, but as it doesn't change in any way the outcome of the documentary, I didn't find it necessary to be described.

[Shows clips of the filming, and of London]

Matthew Perry: When you get the opportunity to, even go on location in Los Angeles, that's exciting. But much less have your whole crew, and everybody come out to, uh, "jolly old England". It's, uh, it's really, really exciting.

Jennifer Aniston: Just the idea of, bringing our entire "family" over here, is like, it's wild.

David Schwimmer: Yeah! London baby! It's amazing, I mean, how many people are, are excited about the show.

Courteney Cox: I knew how big the show was over here. It played a lot on television. I mean, I- I think I saw it 3 times in one week.

Christina Pickles (Judy Geller): They're very popular at, at home. But I didn't know they would be as popular here.

Helen Baxendale (Emily Waltham): It's got a massive following here in Britain. And, uh, particulary among my generation.

Fan: It's quite sarcastic... so, that's probably why it's popular.

Elliot Gould (Jack Geller): We have great, uh, English character actors, working with us. And an opportunity to interact with the English crew.

Tom Conti (Steven Waltham): (sitting next to Jennifer Saunders "Andrea Waltham") We're the in-laws. We're about to be Ross' in-laws. We're the Brits that you love to hate.

Matt LeBlanc: We had, uh, Sarah Ferguson. We worked with her this morning. It was great, and she was funny.

Sarah Ferguson, Dutchess of York ("fergie"): I was really excited to be here today, you know, cause it's the first time I've ever done anything like this and I really enjoyed it.

June Whitfield (the Housekeeper): I am a great fan. I think they are all marvelous.

Jennifer Saunders: Most brittish people were trying to hate them for being beautiful and funny.

Hugh Laurie (guy on the plane): I just got a phone call: "Very small part, couple of lines, do you wanna do it? ...Sitting next to Jennifer Aniston.". And I went : "Oh, wait a minute, do I wanna sit next to... oh ok then (sarcastic)"

Tom Conti: It's basically a "let's kick the Brits' upper butt" episode, really.

David Schwimmer: You'll see, uh, uh a lot of comedy... a lot of Romance and a lot of surprises... so it's, it's ... and you get to see England "woo-hoo!" (gives thumbs up)

Elliot Gould: Call the Queen, mom. Tell her that you enjoy watching "Friends", and that you know us. And she'll have you over for tea... like (snaps fingers) that.

[Shows clips of the filming]